Who are I.Q.O.® Users?

I.Q.O.® may be used by any Individual or Company of any sector or size, interested in conducting a diagnostic of the degree of innovation in an organization or institution or sector.

Therefore, I.Q.O.® users may be:

  • respondent: person interested in answering the Innovation Quotient for Organizations - I.Q.O.® questionnaire;
  • consultant: professional interested in applying the I.Q.O.® in client organizations aiming to conduct a diagnostic in the area of innovation management;
  • researcher (cientist, doctoral, masters, or undergraduate student): individual who will apply I.Q.O.® to third parties aiming to conduct academic studies or sectorial studies in the area of innovation management;
  • entrepreneur or manager: professional interested in applying I.Q.O.® in his organization as a whole or in an area/department/business unit aiming to identify his company's innovation potential;
  • public organizations or institutions: companies that have an interest in using I.Q.O.® to conduct a diagnostic of their capability to innovate in specific areas or organizations as a whole, or research and sectorial studies.
I.Q.O.® users may acquire a single license to use the software or as many as they would like according to their specific interest.
For information on acquiring a package of licenses to use I.Q.O®, contact us.