About us

I.N.E.I., the "National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation" based in Brazil, is a non-profit organization founded in January 2007, and homologated in December 2008 as an OSCIP, which to the Brazilian government is a Public Interest Civil Social Organization credible enough even for its receipts for given donations to be accepted in donor tax return filings in liu of tax payments. It has participation and collaboration of professionals in business and academia in Brazil and abroad comitted to leveraging the intellectual and social capital of Brazil through the development of innovative entrepreneurship in micro, small, medium, and large organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

See www.inei.org.br

Innovation Quotient for Organizations – I.Q.O.® was developed by Ingrid Paola Stoeckicht, Ph.D., Innovation Management professor, researcher, and consultant,

Brazil's National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been applying I.Q.O.® in public and private organizations of various sectors and sizes since 2008.

For more on I.N.E.I.'s Innovation Management work in the area of organizational diagnostics, contact us or see success cases.

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